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We Can't Have it Both Ways

This morning something struck me amazingly hard again while reading the first chapter of James. What if our understanding of a Christ-following life is incorrect?  What if we've allowed ourselves to receive teaching that contradicts the truth, the Way?  Do deceived people know when they are being deceived?  Stay with me here.

If you grew up "religious", you probably blamed yourself, your decisions and actions for all the circumstances you considered bad in your life, and credited God for all the things you considered good in your life.  If you grew up outside the church, it was probably just the opposite.  What if neither are correct?

I find it so easy to Praise and Thank God when things in my life are going what I consider to be well - I grew up in church.  In these "good times" I secretly, mostly subconsciously, think I must be being a good christian, a good "son of God" and not messing up too much to deserve something I consider bad to happen. If I…

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