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From my Journal

This morning God took me to an old journal entry of mine from September of '08, the emotions of that morning flooded me as I remembered how much His Presence has changed me in wonderful ways - not by my effort, but by His Love.

I was angry - You made me gentle
I was manipulating - You showed me how to love
I was self-centered - You showed me the gift of giving to others
I was greedy - You showed me the value of things, it's all Yours
I felt unworthy - You showed me I am the son of the King
I walked in blatant sin - You shifted all desires to You
I thought I was a "good Christian" - You showed me my pride
You put in me a hunger for the Word
You've taught me how to not get offended by You or man
You've let me witness true trials from my friends, and how to intercede for them and encourage them
You've let me see Your miraculous love for us countless times
You have told me the plans You have for me
You are showing me how to be Holy
You have given me a hunger …

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